Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Coming of the Dragon by Rebecca Barnhouse

The Coming of the DragonThe Coming of the Dragon by Rebecca Barnhouse

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When Rune was an infant, he was found washed ashore in an old rowboat. Amma, a wise, elderly woman, takes him in and raises him as her own. Now 14-years-old, Rune is a quiet young man, always wondering about the meaning of the symbols on the necklace he was wearing when he was found as a baby.

While chasing after his loose goat in the woods, Rune sees a dragon fly overhead and is terrified; dragons hadn’t been seen in ages—why would one be out flying now? Has someone stolen from its treasure hoard and made it angry? It seems like it, as the dragon goes on to burn large parts of the countryside, killing dozens of people. When King Beowulf and his warriors plan to search for the dragon’s lair to exact revenge, it turns out that only Rune knows the direction to head. Will Rune find the courage to face the dragon again?

This is a great story of courage, survival, and action. The author based some of the characters and events on the last section of the famous tale of Beowulf. Those who enjoyed this story might also enjoy Barnhouse’s other medieval book The Book of the Maidservant or John David Anderson’s Standard Hero Behavior.

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